Enquête sur le Recast

“Dear ______

I’m part of the french BJD community, Materiel Celeste since 2006, I have seen you grown since then and I want to thank you for all the effort you have done so far to bring those amazing dolls to our lifes.

As you know, recast has spreading like a plague among all the BJD company. More and more people are attracted by BJDs, and sadly, by Recasted BJDs.

I know you might be busy and that my enquiry seems a bit weird, but we are trying to educate new members of the french community to this problem, sadly, our voice do not seem to have a strong echoe and the debate about recast is going nowhere. But maybe if you could make hear your voice, the voice from the people who made those BJD we love, some would understand how hard this phenomenon has impacted you.

Could you please answer those few question:

  • How recast has impacted the work in your company ?
  • Was it anything positive about recast for you ?
  • Have you made changes on the way you work ? (Hired less people, reduced your benefits, etc. ?)
  • Do you have any legal way to stop recast ?
  • What is impacting you the most : recast or second hand doll market ?
  • If you had just a word to say to people who are hesitating between a recasted or a legit doll ( bought on your company or second hand one ) ?

Thanks for your time and your efforts. “

Ce questionnaire sur le recast a été envoyé à

Crobidoll (répondu)
Dollclans (répondu )
Dollmore (répondu)
Dollshe (répondu)
Dollzone (par W.)
Dream of Doll (par G.)
Iplehouse ( par W. )
JpopDoll (répondu)
Latidoll ( par G.)
Leeke ( par G.)
Luts (en attente de réponse )
Volks (par D.)

Ainsi qu’à plusieurs artistes françaises et internationales.
NobleDoll, DarkTales Doll, Zun, Enaibi, Magnetic Duckling, Insomniadoll, IrrealDoll, Naniyalin


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